I Was Scolded For Drawing Bananas The Right Way

Photo by Anastasia Eremina on Unsplash

Remember when you were in kindergarten or elementary and there was an activity where you and your classmates were tasked to draw and color various fruits? Well, I remember my experience and, according to my former teacher, I failed that simple task.

My former teacher asked my classmates and I to draw a couple of fruits on a bond paper and color them using crayons. It was easy, of course. We were even provided with photos of fruits and I already had a basic understanding of colors. However, I got confused on the “banana part”.

When I looked at the photo of a banana provided to us, I was like, “That’s not what bananas look like.” To me, bananas looked like this:

Photo taken by me.

Bananas brought by my parents from the market had black spots all over it. So what I did was I drew a banana and colored it by covering it with yellow and adding huge black spots. My former teacher told me I was wrong and asked me to redo it, if I remember that right. Of course, she wasn’t actually mad. She just asked me to color the banana based on the photo provided.

I think the reason why this memory stuck with me, despite how long ago it was, is because it was the first time I got truly confused at such a young age and everytime I remember it I always find it hilarious. I recall feeling proud of my work because I thought I did it right, only to be turned down later.

I hope my former teacher, whoever they were, is doing well right now. Thank you for reading.




An amateur writer with a fancy pen name.

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Ivan Huft

Ivan Huft

An amateur writer with a fancy pen name.

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